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A Potted History – West German Pottery

Sometimes referred to as Fat Lava, German Art Pottery and sometimes studio pottery, West German Pottery, after years of being ignored by collectors and interior lovers, is finally having it’s day in the sun! You’ll often know a West German piece when you see it, they can be quite sculptural, often donned in wacky, bold […]

Rise of Kokeshi

The origins of Japanese Kokeshi Dolls date back over 400 years but the shapes we recognise today started 150 years ago. The exact origin of Kokeshi is somewhat unknown. Several stories are told about their beginnings, including one of farmers returning from the hot springs in Northern Japan with handcrafted Kokeshi dolls for their children. […]

Building a wingback chair

An Introduction to upholstery  There are generally two types of upholstery; traditional and Modern. You could say there is a third type, which takes the best of both methods. Traditional used all the old methods, such as using horsehair, coir, hessian, tacks (no staples), lashing in springs and tying them in. Then there’s the hand […]